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    Focus On Flame Retardants For Many Years


    Focus On Flame Retardants For Many Years

    01  Applications of Halogen-free Flame Retardant

    Halogen-free flame retardants mainly have phosphorus retardants.nitrogen fiame retardants and metal hydroxide series. They produce 丨ess smoke when burning and do not produce corrosive gas, and they are known as environment-friendlyflame retardants. They are low toxicity and low smoke which can meet the requirements of international development new trend.

    02  Application of Compound flame retardants

    Compound flame retardants are mixtures of multiple components.which are after the special surface processing. They can improve the flame retardant performance, and have the characteristics of good flame retardant effect and special products.They can meet the customized requirements of customers.

    03  Applications of wood Flame Retardants

    Application of wood flame retardants Wood flame retardant series mainly suit for the flame retardant treatment of wood,plywood ,fiberboard and other wood products.It has the characteristics of fast dissolution ,strong penetration ,no moisture return ,no decomposition ,inorganic environmental protection,odorless , no corrosion ,and the wood has the function of anti-mildew and anti-moth.It meets the international flame retardant standard UL94V-0(B1 grade in wood).


    Heze Yipu New Materials Co., Ltd.

    Heze Yipu New Materials Co., Ltd. is a private joint-stock enterprise, National high-tech enterprises,Science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise. It is the integration of Research and Development, manufacturing and trading. Puer has been cooperating with professional academies and has the most advanced laboratory for flame retardants technology. We are  committed  to developing green environmental friendly flame retardant and innovating according to the requirements of customers.Our company principles are to provide the high quality services and  products. we also adhere to the principles of innovation and sustainable development strategy to provide with advanced...





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