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  •   +86-536-5291729

    About Us

    Heze Yipu New Materials Co., Ltd. is a private joint-stock enterprise, National high-tech enterprises,Science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise. It is the integration of Research and Development, manufacturing and trading. Puer has been cooperating with professional academies and has the most advanced laboratory for flame retardants technology. We are  committed  to developing green environmental friendly flame retardant and innovating according to the requirements of customers.Our company principles are to provide the high quality services and  products. we also adhere to the principles of innovation and sustainable development strategy to provide with advanced application technology and services.

    We have developed the new green environmental friendly flame retardants,which have complete series and advanced technology. The products are widely used in all kinds of wire and cable,silicone rubber, modified engineering plastics, inflating, flame retardant fabric fire retardant coating, polyurethane, rubber, copper clad and other industry areas.Our company has self-support import and export right. Our environmental friendly flame retardants sell well all over the China and have already entered the European and USA, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia market successfully. The products are popular in Chinese domestic market and overseas market.

    Contact Us

    Heze Yipu New Materials Co., Ltd.
    Address: Puer Flame Retardant New Material Industrial Park, Dongming County, Shandong Province
    Tel: +86-536-5291729
    Contact: Manager Li +86-13081694688
    Fax: +86-536-5237306
    Website: www.resty-cn.com
    E-mail: sales@yipunewmaterial.com

    General agent in Osaka Japan
    Mr. Yamamoto
    Yushi-Seihin Co., Ltd
    2-2-7 Kawaramachi Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0048, Japan
    Tel: + 81-6-6231-5581 
    Fax: + 81-6-6222-6097

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